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Initiative Verification Cost


Pursuant to Florida Statute 100.371(11)(b), Monroe County’s actual cost of signature verification of an initiative petition is $0.45 per signature.


100.371 Initiatives; procedure for placement on ballot.

(c) On the last day of each month, or on the last day of each week from December 1 of an odd-numbered year through February 1 of the following year, each supervisor shall post on his or her website the aggregate number of verified valid signatures and the distribution of such signatures by congressional district for each proposed amendment proposed by initiative, along with the following information specific to the reporting period: the total number of signed petition forms received, the total number of signatures verified, the distribution of verified valid signatures by congressional district, and the total number of verified petition forms forwarded to the Secretary of State.

All of Monroe County is U. S. Representative Dist. 26

All of the below verified petition information has been forwarded to the Secretary of State.

Amend 21-17 - Legalize Personal Use Marijuana for Adults 21 or Older - Received 116 - Verified 76

Amend 22-02 - Right to Clean & Healthy Water - Received 461 - Verified 391

Amend 22-03 - Human Life Protection - Received 14 - Verified 11

Amend 22-05 - Adult Personal Use of Marijuana - Received 2,482 - Verified 1,522

Amend 23-07 - Amend to Limit Government Interference with Abortion - Received 1,163 - Verified 984

Key Colony Beach - CITY HALL REFERENDUM- Received 0 - Verified 0



Division of Elections petition information: