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Vote by Mail (Absentee Voting)

Vote by Mail /Absentee ballot   *Click here for a Printable Absentee Ballot Request Form* 

 *Haz clic aqui para imprimir una Solicitud de boleta de voto ausente/boleta de voto por correo*


                             *Vote-by-Mail ballot cure affidavit*   July 2019

 *Formulario De Declaración Jurada Para Rectificación De Papeleta De Votación Por Correo*   July 2019

Notice to Voters Voting by Mail

Secure ballot intake stations for Vote by Mail ballots can be found during Early Voting at these locations: 

  • Supervisor of Elections Offices:
    • 5200 College Rd, Key West
    • 10015 Overseas Hwy, Marathon
    • 102050 Overseas Hwy #137, Key Largo 
  • Other Locations:
    • Big Pine Key Community Park, End of Sands Road, 31009 Atlantis Dr., Big Pine Key
    • Islamorada Branch Library, 81830 Overseas Hwy., MM. 81.7 Islamorada

  Attestation to Review Election Material 


General Information | Military Information | Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

If you are a qualified registered voter and are unable to attend the polls on election day, you are entitled to vote by mail.  A vote by mail ballot may be requested for a specific election or for all elections in an election year. This can be done in person, by mail, by telephone, by fax 305-292-3406, by e-mail, or by having someone bring your written and signed request to the Elections Office.

Pursuant to Florida law, the supervisor shall give the ballot to that designee for delivery to the elector.  After vote-by-mail ballots have been mailed and up to 7 p.m. on election day.  Any elector may designate in writing a person to pick up the ballot for the elector; however, the person designated may not pick up more than two vote by mail ballots per election, other than the designees own ballot, except that additional ballots may be picked up for members of the designees immediate family. For purposes of this section, immediate family means the designees spouse or the parent, child, grandparent, or sibling of the designee or of the designees spouse. The designee shall provide to the supervisor the written authorization by the elector and a picture identification of the designee and must complete an affidavit. The designee shall state in the affidavit that the designee is authorized by the elector to pick up that ballot and shall indicate if the elector is a member of the designees immediate family and, if so, the relationship.

The department shall prescribe the form of the affidavit. If the supervisor is satisfied that the designee is authorized to pick up the ballot and that the signature of the elector on the written authorization matches the signature of the elector on file, the supervisor shall give the ballot to that designee for delivery to the elector.

A qualified vote by mail voter may vote in person at the office of the Supervisor of Elections, during the designated in office absentee voting period.

If a vote by mail ballot is being mailed to an address other than what is on file, we must have a signed written request from the voter. 

Your voted ballot must be received by 7 p.m. election day at your nearest Monroe County Supervisor of Elections office. A voted ballot cannot be accepted at a polling place, unless the voter spoils their vote by mail ballot and is issued a precinct ballot to be cast at that precinct.  (Sections 101.62 and 101.69, Fla. Stat.)

Federal portions of general election and presidential preference primary ballots voted by persons outside the U.S. are counted if postmarked no later than election day and received within 10 days of the election.

Military Information

Military personnel may apply for voter registration or request vote by mail ballots with a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) which may be obtained from the Unit Voting Officer. If the FPCA is not available, phone or send a written request to the Supervisor of Elections Office.

NOTE: Spouses and dependents are considered to be of the same category of  voter as military members and generally should follow the same rules.

U.S. Embassies and Consulates can assist in completing, witnessing, notarizing and mailing FPCA forms, vote by mail ballots and other election materials. Additional military election information is available from:

Pentagon, Room 1-B457 Washington, D.C. 20301

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can request a vote by mail ballot?
    Any registered voter may request a vote by mail ballot.
  • How do I get a vote by mail ballot?
    It is easy to get a vote by mail ballot. First, a request for a ballot must be made. A request can be made in several ways.

    A person can request a ballot for his or her own use, either in person, over the telephone, by fax 305-292-3406, by e-mail, or by mail. If you are requesting a vote by mail ballot for yourself, Florida Statute requires you to provide:

- YOUR Name

-YOUR FL Driver's License or ID number OR the last 4 digits of your Social Security number

 YOUR Address

- YOUR Date of Birth

- YOUR Signature if request is written   

Without this specific information, we are unable to process your vote by mail ballot request.
Also, any person (except a candidate for office) that you designate may pick up your vote by mail ballot  after vote-by-mail ballots have been mailed and up to 7 p.m. on election day. If you ask someone to pick up a vote by mail ballot for you, there are several additional requirements.

The person must have a written request signed by you naming them as your designee to receive the ballots on your behalf.

The person picking up the ballot must furnish to us:

- YOUR Name

-YOUR FL Driver's License or ID number OR the last 4 digits of your Social Security number

 YOUR Address

- YOUR Date of Birth


- YOUR Signature if request is written   


The designee must show their photo ID and complete an affidavit.

Failure to provide the required information will prevent us from fulfilling your absentee ballot request.

  • How many vote by mail ballots can someone pick up and?
    A person may pick up no more than two (2) vote by mail ballot in any given election, unless they are immediate family members in which case there is no set limit.
  • When does my vote by mail ballot need to be voted?
    Your completed ballot MUST be received at the SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS OFFICE (not the polling precincts or the post office) no later than 7:00 pm on the day of the election, or your vote will not be counted.   

* Request for a vote by mail ballot to be mailed must be received prior to 5:00 pm, 12 days prior to Election Day.